The Conference Report from the Project’s March 2019 gathering, is now available in the CU Law Review in February 2020 (Volume 91, Issue 2).

March 15–16, 2019

A Call to Action for Inspired Advocacy in Indian Country

Table of Contents:


I. The Challenges of Federal Indian Law and the Promises of the

  1. Historical Antecedents: The Discourses of Conquest
  2. A Call to Action: Reforming Federal Indian Law.

II.  Understanding the Declaration in International and Domestic Law..

  1. The Jurisgenerative Moment in Indigenous Peoples’ Human Rights
  2. The Status of the Declaration and Its Role in Domestic Legal Reform
  3. Comparative Approaches.
    1. Maya Land Rights in Belize.
    2. Toward a National Action Plan in New Zealand.
    3. Resistance in Brazil Amidst Regressive Attitudes.
    4. Japanese Recognition of the Ainu.

III. Implementing the Declaration in the U.S.

  1. The Foundational Norm of Self-Determination.
  2. Law and Social Movements in Indian Country.
  3. Inspired Action in Indian Country.

Subject 1: Language Rights.

Subject 2: Business & Human Rights.

Subject 3: Religious Freedoms.

Subject 4: Cultural Rights.

Subject 5: Indian Child Welfare.

Subject 6: Climate Change & Environmental Policy.

Subject 7: Technology, Media, & Communications.


Full report is available online at

Implementation Conference Report Available at the CU Law Review

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