United Nations Expert Mechanism on Rights of Indigenous Peoples Report: Free, prior and informed consent: a human-rights based approach

In August 2018, the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (“EMRIP”) presented a study on free, prior and informed consent through the context of human rights to the United Nations General Assembly. This study was conducted pursuant to

The University of Colorado Scott Lecture 2015: Indigenous Peoples and Jurisgenerative Moment in Human Rights, Professor Kristen A. Carpenter

As indigenous peoples have become actively engaged in the human rights movement around the world, the relationship between indigenous peoples and international law, once deployed as a tool of imperial power and conquest, has begun to change. Increasingly, international human

EMRIP Study on Indigenous Languages

EMRIP Study on Indigenous Languages

This study outlines international and regional standards on indigenous peoples’ rights to language and culture, describes the relationship between indigenous cultures and languages to their self-determination and rights to their lands, territories and resources and analyses indigenous peoples’ languages and